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Application and manufacture of sliding awning

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Sliding awning: also known as sliding tent, sliding awning, sliding awning, etc.

Application of sliding awning: it is widely used for logistics loading and unloading, workshop doorway aisle, warehouse doorway passing, in addition, for some factories, it can not violate the construction of color steel tile structure, and sliding awning is a good alternative. At present, the production of sliding awning is mainly hand sliding!

Material: the column is made of ¢ 2 inch 2mm galvanized round pipe, the cross pipe is made of 20 * 50 * 2mm thick cross pipe, the cross beam is made of 40 * 40 * 1.2mm galvanized steel pipe, and the arc is made of 25 * 38 * 1.2mm galvanized pipe elbow.

Cloth: 550G PVC anti-aging coating cloth per square meter, with military green, emerald green, royal blue, yellow, etc. In addition, 1 * 2 polyester fabric, 0.42mm automobile canvas and 0.55mm vapor film fabric can also be used.

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