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How to choose awning ?

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As for the awning, many architects now emphasize that the level of the daylighting roof (awning) is flat, while the middle part of the glass plate will be flexed. In this way, the water in the flexed part of the middle part will accumulate (the water will accumulate ash) when it rains. After the weather is clear, the rain will evaporate, leaving a layer of ash on the glass surface, making the glass lose the existing style. Therefore, the minimum design drainage slope of the glass daylighting roof (awning) should not be less than 1 /40 (1 / 60 + 7 ‰, 7 ‰ is the minimum self-cleaning gradient of lime sand), generally 3% (1 / 50 + 10 ‰) is better. If you buy awning, I suggest you go to Dongguan Tianli advertising awning Decoration Co., Ltd. to have a look. There are many kinds of awning, and the quality is very guaranteed.

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