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What do you need to prepare for camping?

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1. tent

You can't go camping without a tent. Tents are necessary for camping. They not only affect the quality of sleep, but also the shelter for rain. You can choose the right tent according to the outdoor location and seasonal changes.

2. Moisture proof pad.

In the field camping, the ground will be wet at night. The moisture-proof pad can effectively isolate the ground moisture and maintain the temperature and sleep quality. Prevent cold, inflatable sleeping mat is OK~

3. Mosquito repellent and dew

There are many mosquitoes in the wild. If you are not careful, you may be covered with them. So insect repellent and dew are necessary. Of course, mosquito repellent incense is not considered, because it is dangerous to use in the field and windy at night. Think about sunscreen, swimsuit, etc.

4. Prepare flashlights, headlights and lighters (two or three)

This is for lighting. Of course, you can use it at night, or you can use it in case of any emergency. You don't have to be busy. In addition, pay attention to safety when making fire in the field, and turn off the fire when walking. Remove the leaves, etc. around the fire to avoid the situation.

5. Prepare some common drugs.

Such as band aid, cold medicine, thermometer, pain medicine, bandage, disinfectant, alcohol, etc. Prevention of injury and timely treatment.

6. Daily necessities

Including blankets, water cups, toiletries, personal tableware, compressed Biscuits (easy to carry, long shelf life, not easy to break, easy to eat)

In addition, we can choose special shoes, waterproof and antiskid, warm

You can bring some seasoning and knife products.

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