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There are four kinds of tent supports

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1. Steel pipe: also known as high-frequency welded pipe, it is mainly used in military tents, disaster relief tents and other large tents. The surface is treated by spray molding or galvanizing, including round pipe and square pipe. The pipe diameter generally varies from 19 to 50 mm, and the wall thickness varies from 0.8 to 3 mm.

2. Elastic and rigid: this kind of account is usually children's account or beach game account.

3. Fiberglass rod: a series of 6.9/7.9/8.5/9.5/11/12.5. The coarser the rigidity, the stronger the softness. Therefore, whether the support of the fiber tube is reasonable or not depends on the proportion of the size and height of the ground, and it is easy to break if it is too thick or too thin. For example, 210 * 210 * 130 is a classical size with a typical scale, and the pipe is generally 7.9 or 8.5.

4. Aluminum alloy framework: it is relatively high-grade and difficult to check according to the alloy ratio. Generally, the whole arc curve of the original bracket is calculated first and then hot pressed. It is characterized by light portability and convenience, but it is not easy to fold, but it is easy to bend and deform due to poor quality.

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