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What should be paid attention to in advertising tents?

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The framework of advertising tent is connected by several steel pipes, so the following points should be paid attention to during use:

1. When loading and unloading advertising tents, handle them with care and do not throw them away.

2. Pay attention to the opening of the package, do not use the knife blindly to scratch the tarpaulin.

3. Stack vertically instead of stacking to prevent accidental damage and tear of cloth top.

4. Before using the advertising tent, check whether the screws at the cross pipe are tightened.

5. In case of any bending or deformation of the advertising tent frame, stop using immediately, carry out maintenance and continue operation after troubleshooting.

6. When the advertising tent is used for outdoor display, special attention shall be paid to wind prevention. When the watchman leaves temporarily, the foot of the advertising tent shall be lowered to the first section, that is, the inner foot shall be retracted into the inner foot of the outer foot, so as to effectively prevent the damage of wind.

7. During the joint operation of several tents, the adjacent tent legs between the advertising tent and the advertising tent shall be tied with ties or ropes to make it a whole to strengthen its wind resistance.

8. Do not wrap the two tent legs with tape when binding, otherwise the residue of tape will seriously affect the up and down sliding of sleeve on the foot of advertising tent.

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