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Types of tents

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The tents for outdoor sports are divided into several categories: advertising tents (promotional tents), military tents (civilian tents, construction site tents), herringbone roof tents, tourism tents (3-season tents (for ordinary outdoor activities) and 4-season tents (for winter / Mountain) disaster relief tents, inflatable tents, and washing tents.

According to the opening mode, it can be divided into quick opening tent and hand setting tent

The three seasons account is usually light, which is generally used in the mild climate of spring, summer and autumn Three season accounts usually perform well in the wind and rain, but the design features also determine that they are generally difficult to cope with excessive snowfall. If a three-season account can barely support 2 inches of snow on it, when the snow falls to 20 inches, you must be in trouble.

A stronger 4-season ledger will usually have one or two more struts to make the support system resistant to stronger wind or thicker snow. In winter, the shape of the tent is usually designed as a round dome, so as to minimize the flat part of the top of the tent and prevent the accumulation of snow. Of course, these winter / Alpine accounts are also suitable for relatively mild climate conditions. It's just that the extra weight of their support rods makes them heavier than the three-season accounts.

A convertible account is a four quarter account that can be adjusted to a three quarter account. The adjustment method is usually to remove one or two support rods from the tent support system, and provide detachable ventilation components in the design, which can be removed or opened in mild weather to enhance ventilation.

There is also a kind of tent for warm weather, which is very light and thin, with a general capacity of one or two people, and often adopts a large area of mesh fabric to enhance ventilation. This kind of account can be used in spring, summer and autumn, but generally speaking, because of its design features, this kind of account is most suitable in warm and humid weather.

The simplest form is single account. Basically, this kind of account is just a piece of rain cloth with several vents supported by the account pole. In warmer weather, the zipper of the vents can be opened to enhance ventilation.

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