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The tent is our outdoor home. It is not only windproof and rainproof to keep warm, but also to protect us from being bitten by mosquitoes outside. Therefore, we must not be greedy and cheap when choosing. It is suggested that when choosing tents in Shenzhen, we should choose brands with high cost performance, so as to ensure the quality. It's better to choose four seasons tent or high mountain tent with double double doors. It's better to be waterproof and warm, and the strut is better to be aviation aluminum pole. Its advantages are: high strength and pressure resistance, light weight, not easy to break, long service life. The disadvantage is that the price is a little high, it is not recommended to choose fiberglass rod because it is easy to crack and has a short service life and is very heavy despite its low price.

Set up a cooking tent in the downwind of the camp, build a stove, burn a pot of water, and then set up a warehouse tent for storing public equipment in the upwind to live in peace with each other. When the tent of the whole camp is set up, the boiled water is ready to drink and start cooking. A sloping tent: this kind of tent is suitable for erecting at broken walls, ridges, etc. When erecting, fix one end of the rain cloth on the wall or ridge, and the other end on the ground, and block the wind with branches and weeds on both sides. When erecting in forest land, trees can also be used for fixation.

It should be noted that the screen door of the inner tent must be pulled to prevent some small insects from entering. Spray the door of the inner tent a quarter of an hour before entering, and then enter. When sleeping at night, you must put things on the car or in the tent to ensure safety. When you put shoes in the lobby of the tent in Shenzhen, you must use a good plastic bag (or put a few sanitary balls in the shoes). It can not only avoid the entry of insects, but also kill two birds with one stone.

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