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How to choose exhibition tents ?

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1. Whether the space provided by the tent is suitable is the most important index for choosing the tent. How tall are you? When you lie comfortably in a sleeping bag, can the tent provide enough length? Is there enough vertical space? Do you feel flustered when sitting in it? The longer you plan to spend in the tent, the more space you need the tent.

If you go to a cold place, you may have to prepare dinner in a tent. You need a tent with a special vent. It's comfortable to make a little hot coffee or instant noodles, but if you use a stove in the tent, there should be enough space in the tent to ensure safety.

Tent manufacturers often overestimate how many people a tent can hold. A tent with a nominal capacity for one or two people usually means that it is enough for one person to use, but when two people use it, they may throw all the contents and food out of the tent. This is a problem that must be considered when choosing tents.

2. Tent weight when buying a tent, don't forget to take the tent to your camping site. If you travel by car, it means you can have a comfortable life, because you can bring a heavier and larger tent; but if the tent is to be carried on your shoulder all day, the weight problem will become a major problem. Bringing a tent that is too heavy and more than needed can only bring pain to the journey.

If you just want to sleep in the tent for a few hours, you don't need to bring a big tent; if you just want to rest in the tent, you can bring a cheaper and lighter tent. However, to build a camping base, it is necessary to transport some large and expensive tents by vehicles. Some travelers drive to campsites, lakes, seaside and other places with picturesque and livable sceneries. They live in tents for a few weeks. In this case, tents are more homely. Everyone hopes to live comfortably and spacious.

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