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Brief introduction to the simple method of lightning protection for tents in Guangzhou

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1. As a good conductor, can aluminum pole attract more lightning than glass pole?

Lightning is first selected according to the height of the conductor. Among several conductors, it hits the highest. In addition, because thunder and lightning are usually on rainy days, no matter the glass pole or aluminum pole, the lining of the tent becomes a conductor due to wet water. Therefore, in the introduction of lightning, it is more determined by the height rather than the information of the account pole.

2. How to prevent the account from being struck by lightning?

The damage of lightning mainly comes from two aspects: 1. Direct split, 2. High voltage arc. To prevent direct cleavage, the simple rule is not to be the high point of this area, the best and the easiest to be cleaved. The arc is the air discharge image caused by the high voltage of lightning. After hitting an object, the high voltage will form an arc near the object and cause damage. Therefore, if you do not become a high point, you should also prevent camping next to the high point, or you will still be hit by the arc. Therefore, the ideal way is to select all terrain and vegetation at a lower height, and to be able to camp with large plants or construction sites at a certain interval.

3. If it is hit, which is better, aluminum bar or glass bar?

In theory, the glass pole is not conductive, so it can not take charge of the current passing through the body, while the aluminum pole can be used as a parallel conductor to assist the body to receive local current.

In the past, people who were hit by lightning survived because their clothes were wet and conductive. Therefore, the wetter the tent is, the more conductive the pole is, and the less damage it will cause after being hit. However, this can not prevent the formation of high-voltage arc damage, so once hit, are extremely risky. In terms of lightning stroke, it can be divided into two situations:

1) it is the glass pole and aluminum pole which is more lightning inducing. If we neglect the practical use, the aluminum rod is indeed more lightning inducing. But in practice, the whole tent in Guangzhou has become a conductor in rainy days, and the poles are generally not exposed outside the tent, so the difference is not big. Of course, the calm or many metal poles outside the tent is not in the scope of thinking.

2) if it is hit, which of the glass bar or aluminum bar is more able to prevent damage.

This problem can be seen as follows:

A. what we comment on is that lightning strikes the tent instead of hitting the human body directly, and there is no problem of aluminum pole touching the human body directly in the center, so this situation is completely different from that of fishing pole hitting the dead by electric wire.

B. lightning doesn't directly hit the human body when it hits the tent. What should be prevented at this moment is not the damage caused by the current directly passing through the human body, but the arc and high temperature. So the effect of similar rubber shoes principle is not suitable in this situation.

C. the huge energy of lightning must be transformed, which can be presented in the process of conductor entering the ground, arc and high temperature.

In any case, choosing the right Camp to prevent lightning is the right way. The aluminum tent is a safer choice in theory.

When the lightning is very fierce and there is no suitable terrain, you can even pull the climbing stick or tent pole to the longest place, and insert it on the ground about 10 meters away from the tent, and I will curl up in the tent without the tent pole.

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