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      Today is 2020-07-18 Saturday,Welcome to this site 



      How to choose exhibition tents ?
      How to choose exhibition tents ?
      1. Whether the space provided by the tent is suitable is the most impo...
      2019-11-17Brief introduction to the simple method of lightning protection for tents in Guangzhou
      1. As a good conductor, can aluminum pole attract more lightning than ...
      2019-11-17There are four kinds of tent supports
      1. Steel pipe: also known as high-frequency welded pipe, it is mainly ...
      2019-11-17What do you need to prepare for camping?
      1. tent You can't go camping without a tent. Tents are necessary for c...
      2019-11-17How to choose awning ?
      As for the awning, many architects now emphasize that the level of the...
      2019-11-17Sharing outdoor camping fun
      The tent is our outdoor home. It is not only windproof and rainproof t...
      2019-11-17What should be paid attention to in tent project ?
      1. When installing on mud or sand, drain ditches can be dug around the...
      2019-11-17Types of tents
      The tents for outdoor sports are divided into several categories: adve...
      2019-11-17What should be paid attention to in advertising tents?
      The framework of advertising tent is connected by several steel pipes,...
      2019-11-17Application and manufacture of sliding awning
      Sliding awning: also known as sliding tent, sliding awning, sliding aw...

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      Karida outdoors Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter, which established in the year of 2013.Our main products are camping tent and sleeping bag. The factory loacted in the Wuhu High-tech development zone which area is about 10000㎡ and structure area is about 5000㎡. We have sewing machines 80sets, taped machines 10sets, and 120 workers. Our main markets include South America, Europe, Middle Eas...

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